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Professional Headphones


RJP offers a range of services related to the creation and manipulation of audio for various purposes.


Below are services provided by RJP:

  1. Sound Effects Design:  creating custom sound effects for various media, such as movies, video games, television shows, and other forms of multimedia. 

  2. Foley Artistry: create sound effects by recording live actions, such as footsteps, cloth rustling, and other sounds, to enhance the realism of a film or video. 

  3. Music Composition:  offer music composition services, creating original music for films, television shows, video games, and other multimedia projects. 

  4. Dialogue Editing:  cleaning up, enhancing, and organizing recorded dialogue for use in various media, such as films, television shows, and video games. 

  5. Audio Post-Production:  mixing and mastering various audio elements, such as sound effects, music, and dialogue, to create a final audio mix for a project. 

  6. Audio Restoration:  cleaning up and enhancing poorly recorded or damaged audio recordings, such as old vinyl records, cassette tapes, or other archival audio recordings.


Film Reels
Musician Silhouette
Waiting Theme Song - Richard Wheeler

Mission Italian -Pradeep Paga 2015

Mission Italian Theme Song - Richard Wheeler
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